SB 283 – Oregon Mentoring Program Policy

In 2023, Senate Bill 283 allocated $8 million to the Oregon Department of Education to support mentoring programs for educators for the 2023-2025 biennium. These one time funds will support formal mentoring programs that follow the requirements outlined in the former Oregon Mentor Program. Resources can only be used to provide eligible beginning teachers and administrators with continued and sustained mentoring from a formal mentor.

MCREN is working with Multnomah and Clackamas County School Districts to provide supports to existing or new mentor programs.

What Can Resources Be Used For? 

  • Offset costs of beginning teacher and administrator mentor programs
  • Stipend to compensate mentors for assigned mentoring duties

Who is Eligible?

  • Individual district programs
  • REN/ESD supported programs
  • District Consortium programs

Plans for Support

  • Mentor Professional Learning
  • Regional mentors
  • Other supports

Timeline for Rollout of Support:

  • MCREN will conduct a regional survey of all districts
  • EAC will release a request for application within the next few weeks
  • REN and regional partners will collect additional feedback to design mentor program supports
  • Resources will be distributed in Summer 2024
  • REN organized supports and programming will begin fall 2024

If you have questions about Senate Bill 283 and how MCREN can support your district, please reach out to us at

13455 SE 97th Avenue,
Clackamas, OR 97015