Change Ideas

We prioritize teacher voice & utilize a continuous improvement process to make changes in our systems that help teachers succeed.

Have an Idea? Let’s Connect!

In an effort to improve educator well being throughout Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, MCREN listens to educators to understand the challenges of teaching and what could make it better. Our support model includes coaching, professional development, networked improvement, and funding. MCREN involves those closest to the work in order to create regional change.

A Change Idea is a concept or idea to improve a process, system or project in order to enhance the educator experience. Change Ideas are informed by those closest to the work (educators) and start small with the potential to scale up to improve larger systems across the region.

How to Submit a Change Idea:

Define the Issue You Want to Solve

How can the system better serve educators?

Identify a Team

Who needs to be involved? What teachers or staff are closest to the work?

Change Idea Review Process:

  • Change Idea Submission Form is completed.
  • A member of the MCREN team will contact you to confirm receipt of your submission.
  • The MCREN team will conduct an initial review of the Change Idea.
  • After the initial review, MCREN will provide feedback and/or coaching to assist your team with developing a Project Plan to include key outcomes, a metric and data measurement plan, and a project budget.
  • Your Project Plan will then be reviewed by the MCREN Team or Coordinating Body. Once the final review process has been conducted, a MCREN team member will provide a report containing:
    • Decision Outcome & Rationale
    • Additional Feedback
    • Next Steps

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