60 Regional Administrators Participate in Transformational Leadership:

MCREN launched Transformational Leadership for Multnomah and Clackamas County Administrators in January 2024.

This three event workshop series invites K-12 principals, assistant principals, and district-level leaders to be in community, leveraging the expertise of their colleagues to center equity and grow in their practice. Participants engage with researched-informed tools to connect in community and grow in their skills and capacities as leaders.

In April we will have the final Transformational Leadership Workshop in the series for the year. Building administrators and district leaders from across the region have had the opportunity to learn and grow together as they reflect on their leadership.

Here’s a few things we’ve heard from participants:

“I believed that I was feeling stuck and uninspired now I believe that I have a lot of opportunity to make micro-shifts in my own practice to improve my well-being in order to be the best colleague, leader I can for educators and students”

“I now see how “power” can be interpreted in ways I never thought of.”

“There is so much more for me to learn. I now believe that I have something to work with and help me along my journey.”

“I believed that it would be a lot of “sit and get,” but it was a lot of collaboration and I enjoyed it!”

“I believed I had more weaknesses than strengths, but now I believe I have strengths too.”

MCREN is thankful to the principals, assistant principals, and district-level leaders that have participated in Transformational Leadership. We look forward to hearing how participaints bring this learning to each of their districts!

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