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MCREN’S First Annual Inside-Out Summer Summit – July 27, 2021

A virtual PD event for Oregon educators who want to collaborate on strategies that build equitable communities and an ecosystem where educators thrive.

You can only give, give and give again before you need to rest. At the Multnomah-Clackamas Regional Educator Network (MCREN), we understand this because we are teachers, coaches, and administrators in schools just like you. At the same time, rest, we know, leads to inspiration for action, recommitment, and new beginnings. It’s with this in mind that we’ve sent this exciting free, one-day professional development opportunity for you and your peers

Join us on July 27, 2021, for a day-long collaboration designed to draw out healthy yet challenging discussions around mindsets, current promising practices, and how together we can create more equitable systems and school structures.

No matter your role in education, you will find a community and a schedule with an aspiration to inspire, empower and support your growth toward equitable access and inclusion in your role.

What you get:

  • Two (2) inspirational keynotes centered around culturally responsive mindsets and pedagogy.
  • Access to seventeen (17) regional teams who are currently creating and testing new ideas for improving the education system for educators.
  • An opportunity to establish a REN network of support to help you build equitable systems and school structures in your region.
  • Access to Field Experts, Instructional Leaders centered in Cultural Responsive Practices & Systems Reform/Development.
  • Plus conference resources to support ongoing learning including the novel Efrén Divided.

Explore the full schedule and speakers here.

Grab your free spot today, then rest. While you’re re-energizing, we will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can recommit in the 2021-22 school year to building a resilient ecosystem where educators thrive together.

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