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Develop technical support structures and content, Develop teaming structures and site logistics, Develop change ideas, Communicate with districts: Open recruitment / Intentional recruitment of high leverage leads in functioning sites.


Frontload site leads and coaches with equity, improvement, and empowerment training, Build community and trust between coaches and leads, Operationalize change ideas, Research existing capacity, Study existing systems.

November – December

Begin Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles (PDSA), Begin networking/analyzing results, Fine-tune practices.

January – March

Professional learning refresher for site leads, Continue Rapid Improvement Cycles, Continue networking results, Scale-up initiatives at functioning sites, Launch pilot initiatives at promising sites.

April – June

Scale-up pilot initiatives, Reflection and insight process.

+Monthly presentations with selected artifacts by site leads and coaches to the REN: Providing content for regional communication updates

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