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Improvement Science in the Time of COVID-19 webinar series

With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altering the structures, rhythms, and routines of K–12 education, the Carnegie Foundation hosted a webinar series—Improvement Science in the Time of COVID-19—that looked at how university-district partnerships are using an improvement mindset to respond to the challenges of the pandemic. The recordings of the webinars are now available on our website for on-demand viewing.

In the four sessions, you will learn how these educator-leaders used improvement science-based tools, processes, and approaches to respond to the pandemic challenges related to coherence, equity, and engagement.

  1. “Leading in Crisis”—Leaders of the district-university partnership of the Bronx County New York School District, Yonkers Public Schools, and the Fordham University Graduate School of Education share how they used an improvement mindset to inform their crisis response to COVID-19.
  2. “Staying Focused on Equity Amid COVID-19”—Leaders in the Chesterfield County Public Schools and University of Virginia partnership highlight how they used improvement science to redirect their efforts in response to the dual challenges of COVID-19 and the fight for racial equity.
  3. Creating Coherence Amid COVID-19”—Leaders of the Avondale Elementary School District/Arizona State University partnership highlight their COVID-19 response that used the tenets of improvement science to establish coherence in an instructional program.
  4. “Ensuring Equitable Voice During COVID-19”—Leaders of the district-university partnership of Fairfax County Public Schools and George Mason University examine their response to COVID-19 that focused on transparency and iterative improvement to strengthen coherence, equity, and engagement with teachers, students, and families.

We hope you will find the learnings shared in these open and direct conversations useful in your own improvement work.

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